We are currently carrying out a survey of all the soot washed brickwork within the city of London. ‘Soot wash’ is the name given to the application of a black surface stain or coating that mimics old carbon pollutants deposited over decades during the industrial past.

Our goal is to assess the variations in shade of natural carbon pollutants deposited during the early industrial period as opposed to numerous black coatings that have been applied over the past sixty years.

Some of the treatments have been sympathetic. However, many have had latex, acrylics and lead-based paints applied in various formulations, which can alter the natural sheen and texture of the wall and the way the wall breathes.

Our surveys are free of charge. They are non-destructive, non-evasive and silent. They are mostly carried out on the external elevations, with no need for access inside the building. The survey usually takes a maximum of three hours.

From our investigative work we can suggest the most appropriate products to apply in the future and also make suggestions on how any inappropriate previous applications can safely be removed and re-treated with a more appropriate product which is both practical, sympathetic and in harmony with the period property and it’s environment.

We will assess the most appropriate shade that will be sympathetic to the building and its particular location.